Equipment Financing

An Excellent Way to Grow Your Business

Without Significant Pocket Expenses

What is

Equipment Financing?

Equipment Financing allows businesses to purchase or lease business equipment and machinery through a third party lender. Once the business makes all outstanding payments towards the lender at the end of the loan’s term, the equipment will be owned outright by the borrower. Under lease terms, the borrower can choose to renew the lease agreement, or in some cases, buy the equipment outright.

Why do Businesses Choose to

Finance Equipment?

Not Enough Capital

Capital constraints prevents businesses to fund fixed assets internally.

Preserve Cash Flow and Reduce Cost of Ownership

Financing allows businesses to preserve cash flow for other investments.

Reduce Cost of Ownership

Lease programs reduces cost of ownership on obsolete or outdated equipment, enabling businesses to upgrade their equipment at the end of the lease term.

Common Loan Terms Available

Type of Structures

  • Operating Lease
  • Tax Lease
  • Capital Lease
  • Equipment Financial Agreement

Lease Options

  • Single Transaction
  • Lease Line of Credit
  • Sales Leaseback
  • Dept Refinance
  • Vendor Financing

End of Term Options

  • $1.00
  • Capped of Closed-ended
  • Balloon Payment
  • Open-ended
  • Fair Market Value

Payment Plans

  • Step Up
  • Step Down
  • Skipped/Seasonal


Platinum Life Financial?

Simple and Quick

Leases up to $500,000 with a one-page application. Approval and lease documents are processed same day.

Competitive Lease Rates

As low as 3.99%

All-Inclusive Financing

Loans can include all soft costs such as shipping, installation, software, and training.

No Money Down

$0 down available

Wide Range of Deal Sizes

From $25,000 up to $25 million

Flexible Payment Options

Options include terms from 12 to 84 months, no advance payments; step up payments; 60 and 90 day deferred; and seasonal payments.

Pre-Approved Lease Lines of Credit

Lines of credit can be provided for flexibility in equipment financing.

Industries We Serve

It doesn’t matter which industry you are in, Platinum Life Financial is flexible to negotiate terms for a satisfactory and mutually beneficial relationship. Regardless of the loan size, our client executives are commited to provide a customer-centric solution to each client’s unique equipment financing situation.