About Us

Platinum Life Financial (Trusted/Dedicated) Team

Vendor Partnership

Our equipment lease program allows vendors to offer leasing solutions on their equipment. This referral process allows potential customers to have access to financing solutions to facilitate the Vendor’s sale process.

Equipment Financing

Equipment financing allows businesses to purchase or lease business equipment and machinery through a third party lender.

Working Capital

Get the security of a business line of credit today through a fast, easy and straightforward application process.

Platinum Life Financial

Platinum Life Financial is the number one source for supplying financial lending options available to consumers through our brokerage network. We’re dedicated to giving our clients the very best terms and rates, with a focus on inquiring with different lenders to ensure the best contract can be offered to each of our valuable clients.

Founded in 2020, Platinum Life Financial has also endevoured to provide sound financial information free on our site to help those who are planning to buy a home in the future, to those who lack the personal financial knowledge to navigate through their personal finances. When the founders first started out, their passion for helping family members who were in financial distress led to the creation of our financial education center today. We now serve customers all over California, and are thrilled to be a part of the brokerage wing of the financial industry.